Gilles Bultinck (29) is Flanders’ youngest Mayor

At just 29 the Christian democrat Gilles Bultinck is Flanders youngest Mayor. He polled more than 1,100 preference votes in Sunday’s municipal elections in Vosselaar (Antwerp province). Mr Bultinck and his Christian democrat group have already formed a coalition with the Flemish nationalists for the next 6 years.  

Mr Bultinck’s list received the backing of just over a third (33.7%) of voters in Vosselaar. He told VRT News that becoming Mayor of Vosselaar is a childhood dream come true.

"People I see on the street already have already been calling me Mayor for a few years, albeit as a joke. Now it will be for real. Since I was a child I have always said that I wanted to be Mayor.  It’s a dream that has come true”.

Although the Christian democrats in Vosselaar have lost their absolute majority they remain the largest party. The Christian democrat-nationalist coalition in Vosselaar has a comfortable majority. In 2013 the liberal Francesco Vanderjeugd in Staden (West Flanders) became Flanders’ youngest Mayor at just 24.

Like Francesco Vanderjeugd, Gilles Bultinck is no political novice. He was already an Alderman in the municipal cabinet with responsibility for planning. Gilles Bultinck will take on his new role as Mayor from 1 January next year.


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