Liberals and Christian democrats to lead coalition talks in Ostend

The liberals and the Christian democrats in the West Flemish city of Ostend have said that they are to start up talks for the formation of a new coalition on Ostend City Council.  The liberal’s candidate for Mayor Bart Tommelein hopes to form a four-party coalition of liberals, nationalist, Christian democrats and greens.

Speaking about the reasons why his party and the Christian democrats have decided to start up talks, Mr Tommelein told VRT News that

"It had come to my attention that no invitation had been issued by the biggest party, neither to the Christian democrats nor to the liberals”.

The incumbent socialist Mayor Johan Vande Lanotte’s City List gained the greatest number of seats. However, now the liberals and Christian democrats have joined forces to start up coalition talks.  

The two parties are determined to carry on working together and to strive for a four party coalition.

"We realise that the greens are not yet convinced, but we are convinced of each other and we believe in a new plan for the future of Ostend”, Mr Tommelein added.  

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