Belgium trashes new heat record!

The weather in Belgium has set down a new record. For the first time the Met Office at Ukkel (Brussels) has counted 133 days during which the temperature rose to at least 20°C.  That has never happened before.  This is only one of many records set in the remarkable year 2018.

The last record involving the number of days reaching 20°C dates from 1959.  In that year this temperature was reached on at least 131 days.

Weatherman Frank Deboosere: "The trashing of all these old records means that we are evolving towards a warmer climate."

During an average year 87 days with highs of 20°C or more are recorded.  This figure is based on records dating from 1981.  Since 2000 there have been far more years with more warm days than average.

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