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Brexit triggers work-to-rule and delays at Brussels Airport

For the second day in a row customs officers are working to rule at Brussels Airport.  Passengers arriving at the airport on flights are having to wait up to one hour for identity checks before they can enter the Kingdom of Belgium. 

Customs officers are subjecting the travelling public to a full inspection to protest against staff shortages.  Everybody who arrives from outside the EU's Schengen passport free travel zone will be checked.  The situation is set to get even worse.  Starting Monday passengers departing from Brussels for destinations outside the Schengen Zone too may be subjected to a full inspection.  Passengers may e.g. be asked to show how much cash they are exporting.

Customs officers insist they are 20 officers short.  They fear Brexit, Britain's departure from the EU, will only increase their workload.  Customs are eager to see finance minister Van Overtveldt hire new staff.  Talks between the unions and the finance department are only planned for next Monday.

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