It's "Bottoms Up" at the Brasserie for EU leaders in Brussels

Angela Merkel's forays into the Brussels nightlife are becoming legendary.  Everybody has seen the photograph of the German leader when she pops out of the summit building to buy a pack of chips.  Yesterday images surfaced of the German leader supping beer together with Belgium's Charles Michel, France's Emmanuel Macron and Luxembourg's Xavier Bettel in a Brussels brasserie.

The leaders were taking quality time out after Theresa May's speech at the European summit.  They were sighted with an array of Belgian brews at le Roy d'Espagne (King of Spain) on Brussels' historic market square.

Visitors from Germany and the US, a biologist and a neuro scientist, struck up a conversation with the leaders, but when one enquired about Brexit Angela Merkel said: "It's a beautiful evening, let's not spoil it!"

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