Traffic woes on the E40 outside Ghent

Road works on our motorway to the Brussels Ostend motorway have entered a new phase. Major road works are underway on the E40 Brussels Ostend motorway outside Ghent.  These road works have concluded at the Sint-Denijs-Westrem intersection and have moved towards Merelbeke.

Drivers on the Antwerp Ghent motorway cannot join the E40 immediately at Zwijnaarde but are led over the R4 ring road in Ghent.  Works on the E40 itself are located between Zwijnaarde and Tijarm on the Ostend bound stretch.

Contractors are renewing the asphalt of the hard shoulder.  The Flemish Roads Agency expects traffic will experience delays during this new phase of the works.  A maximum speed of 50km/h has been introduced to keep everybody safe.

Only two lanes of the usual three are now available.  Drivers making for the E17 Ghent Antwerp motorway will have to leave the E40 at Sint-Denijs-Westrem and take the R4 ring road as access is not possible at the Zwijnaarde intersection.  Traffic emanating from the western city of Kortrijk on the E17 will find a route to the E40 via Destelbergen and Merelbeke.  The morning rush hour is set to be the hotspot for traffic disruption affecting the R4 ring road, the area around Ghent University Hospital, Zwijnaarde and Merelbeke.

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