"Waasland-Beveren President offered 200,000 euros in matchfixing case"

Waasland-Beveren President Dirk Huyck has confessed to having received an offer of 200,000 euros last season, as football agent Veljkovic tried to bribe the club to lose a game against KV Mechelen late in the season. This was reported by Het Laatste Nieuws, and the news has been confirmed to the VRT by reliable sources. 

Dirk Huyck (top photo) was questioned by investigators as part of the big probe into financial fraud and matchfixing in Belgian football. The facts go back to late last season, when KV Mechelen were battling relegation and playing Waasland-Beveren, who were safe by that time.  

Dean Veljkovic (bottom photo) approached Waasland-Beveren to lose the match, it can be heard, offering 200,000 euros for the job. It is said that some board members of KV Mechelen knew of this. As to Dirk Huyck, he told investigators that he sent Veljkovic away, as he didn't want to be involved in any kind of matchfixing. 

Dirk Huyck was released from custody, but is facing charges of membership of a criminal organisation and bribery. "My client denies any involvement in matchfixing", his lawyer told reporters. "He cooperates in the investigation and has great confidence in the outcome. However, considering the secret of investigation, we can't give any more comment."

KV Mechelen were involved in a fierce relegation with Eupen at the end of last season. They beat Waasland-Beveren 2-0, but Eupen did better, winning their game 4-0, which left KV Mechelen relegated to second division.  

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