Football coach: "Bayat said he would destroy me"

Football coach Dennis van Wijk said he was physically threatened by football agent Mogi Bayat, who is behind bars in the football probe concerning fraud and matchfixing. "I was not impressed, but I can imagine others wouldn't be able to cope with this kind of intimidations."

Van Wijk was speaking on the TV sports channel Play Sports. He was telling the audience about a personal experience with Mogi Bayat, one of the key figures in the ongoing football investigation into money-laundering and fraud, among other things. "He threatened me physically", Van Wijk said. The former coach of KV Mechelen, one of the clubs facing charges of match-fixing, said he warned KV Mechelen against Bayat. 

Van Wijk was speaking about an incident when he was at the helm of RAEC Mons, a club in the second division. "In 2011, I saw Mogi Bayat making his way into the club. Despite good results, a Cup semi-final and a top-6 spot in November, I was forced to leave the club. I moved to Charleroi."

After Mogi Bayat had made his entry, I was forced to leave the club despite good results

"After I had been dismissed, I told Bayat a would make sure my new club would gain promotion, to have my revenge. And so we did. (...) Bayat couldn't accept the fact I had steered the club of his uncle Abbas (the then president of Charleroi, who was at loggerheads with Mogi Bayat, editor's note) to promotion. Actually, he threatened me physically, telling met he would destroy me and this and that." 

"I told him I was not impressed, but I can understand that others may not be able to cope with this kind of intimidations." Van Wijk added that Bayat tried to sabotage his career at a later stage.  

Van Wijk was also at the helm of KV Mechelen last season, when the club was eventually relegated. KV Mechelen may have tried match fixing to stay in the top flight, but Van Wijk says he was "flabbergasted" when he heard the news. "They did it behind my back, and did a bad job as well." 

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