Terror list extended with about 20 names

OCAD, the body analysing the terrorist threat in Belgium, has added about 20 names to the national terror list of the most potentially dangerous people, Het Nieuwsblad reports. The new names are right or left-wing extremists, including a number of hate preachers. 

While the list was originally made to collect names of so-called Foreign Terrorist Fighters in Syria and elsewhere, it has now been extended to include a new category of so-called hate preachers. In this respect, 23 new names have been added: 16 extremists from the left and 7 right-wing extremists. 

One of them is Tomas Boutens, one of the figureheads of the extreme right movementBlood, Soil, Honour and Loyalty. He was convicted on terrorism charges a couple of years ago, and sentenced to four years in prison. 

Dries Van Langenhove, the man behind Schild en Vrienden, is not on the list, but detectives are considering to add his name. His right-wing youth movement made the headlines a couple of weeks ago with a number of racist and discriminating messages on its digital platforms. 

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