Belgian model poses naked in the Hagia Sophia

Marisa Papen, a nude model from Beringen, has again courted controversy with a series of photographs in which she poses nude in Turkey.  One photograph was shot in the Hagia Sophia, a former mosque in Istanbul.

It was in March of this year that Marisa travelled to Turkey with her photographer.  She already had a list of locations where she was keen to pose.

"The former Hagia Sophia mosque is an interesting location.  First it was a church, then a mosque and today a museum.  It is one of Turkey's tourist hotspots."

On the photograph Marisa wears a black burka.  Underneath she is naked. “I was surprised how busy it was.  Still, there weren't all that many tourists about.  We awaited the right moment.  The shot only took ten seconds.  Then we hurried away.  I didn't have the time to see if anybody had noticed."

"I think the human body is something beautiful.  That of men and women.  Why shouldn't we show it at locations made for prayer.  We are so brainwashed!  The idea is that people think about this.  Other people try to do this with literature or art.  I do it with my body."

"I probably will never be able to travel to Egypt again.  I ended up in a prison cell after a shoot and now feature on a black list."

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