Brussels to tighten up low emission restrictions

On 1 October the transition period in Brussels' low emissions zone came to an end.  Motorists driving heavily polluting, old diesel cars risk a hefty 350 euro fine, but guess what?  So far not a single fine has been issued!

Smart cameras policing the low emission zone register violations on a daily basis, but no fines have gone out says Environment Brussels. "There are technical issues at the minute" confirms Sarah Hollander.  "We're doing out utmost to get things sorted!  Hopefully we'll be able to dispatch the fines this week!"

The exact nature of the technical issues remains a well-kept secret.

The fact the fines have not been issued, doesn't mean they won't have to be paid.  Photos can be kept for 30 days and used to issue fines during this period.

Starting next year the norms of the low emission zone will be tightened up.  Diesel cars with a Euronorm 2 and petrol cars with Euronorm 0 and 1 will be banned.  By 2030 Brussels hopes to ban the diesel car entirely!

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