Scaffolding collapses in Antwerp’s diamond quarter killing one

One person is dead after scaffolding collapsed in the Pelikaanstraat in Antwerp. A second person is injured.  The Pelikaanstraat is world famous for its diamond traders. Who has not stepped inside one of these stores to turn a golden trinket into some ready cash?

The Pelikaanstraat is located next to Antwerp’s Central Station.  The damage caused by the collapse of the scaffolding is considerable.  Emergency services are at the scene in great numbers and are examining the wreckage.

The scaffolding needed for the construction of a hotel collapsed around 10:30 AM, at one of the busiest times of the morning.  Fire-fighters attended the scene immediately.  The entire street had to be cordoned off to allow a rescue operation.  The street closure is affecting several De Lijn bus services that use the street.

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