Conductor Dirk Brossé to replace John Williams at the Royal Albert Hall

The Flemish conductor Dirk Brossé (photo above) is to stand in for the renowned film music composer John Williams (86) at a concert that is to be held in his honour at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Friday evening. John Williams was to have conducted the concert himself. However, earlier this week he was taken ill and is currently in hospital. 

He asked Dirk Brossé to step in so that the concert that will be watched by 5,000 people in the prestigious London venue could still go ahead. Diuring the concert the London Symphony Orchestra will play some of John Williams’ most famous work such as the film music from Jaws, E.T. and Star Wars.     

Dirk Brossé told Radio 2 East Flanders that he is greatly honoured to have been asked. However, in the first instance he was concerned when he learned that John Williams was in hospital.

“I know him very well and he is a good friend. Mentally he is as sharp as a 25-year-old, but he is over 80 and of course his body isn’t always able to keep up.”

John Williams put forward Dirk Brossé as the only possible replacement.

“John knows dozens, possibly even hundreds of conductors that could have replaced him. It is an honour that he chose me. However, hand on heart I must say that would rather it have been him here leading the concert himself. Then I would have been able to sit back and enjoy it. At the reception afterwards I would have embraced and congratulated him”.

Dirk Brossé knows John Williams’ (photo below) work well and is no stranger to conducting some of the world’s leading orchestra’s in from of large audience. 

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