Meise Botanical Gardens to commemorate the end of the Great War with 5,000 poppies

During the whole of next month, the Botanical Gardens in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Meise will be commemorating the centenary of the end of the First War War. The centrepiece of the commemorations will be a work of art made out of 5,000 poppies and shaped like a dove of peace. 

This is intended to symbolise the pain suffered by those that fought in the war and the hope of a brighter future when the war ended. The work will cover a surface area of around 500m². It will be best viewed from the roof of the castle that is location inside the botanical gardens’ grounds.      

The poppies have been made from red plastic bottle tops. The unique method used to turn the bottle tops into flower petals was developed by someone that works at the botanical gardens. In order to enable enough bottle tops to be collected they enlisted the help of a number of organisations

For example the Aalst Youth Club collected bottles and melted them down to use as poppy petals, while pupils from the BuSo Sint-Franciscus School in Roosdaal put the flowers together. 

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