800,000 families to receive tax statements a month later

800,000 families with dependent children in Belgium will receive their tax statement with the details of an eventual reimbursement a month later than usual. The news appears in an article in Saturday’s edition of the daily ‘Het Nieuwsblad’. Changes to the law on how this type of tax statement is calculated that came about after a European Court of Justice ruling have meant that the calculation process takes more time than was previously the case.   

The change in the law has meant that it is a case of “all hands on deck” at the Federal Finance Service. The change in the law came about after a family went to the European Court of Justice because it claimed that it was the victim of fiscal discrimination.

At the centre of the families complaint was the level of the tax-free sum. Previously the level of the tax-free sum was calculated based on the salary of the highest earning partner. However, the family said that this wasn’t always the most advantageous way of calculating a couple’s tax. The European Court of Justice agreed and Belgium change the law to take account of this earlier this year.     

The Federal Finance Service now carries out 16 different simulations to find which is the most advantageous for the tax payer. This does of course take time.   

"It is indeed the case that this causes some delay, as a result of which the statement arrives in your letterbox a month late at the most”, Francis Adyns of the Federal Finance Service told VRT News.  

Although the tax statements will arrive later, families will now at least be certain that the calculation made is the most advantageous for them.  


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