AA Gent are back on song

After three straight home defeats AA Gent finally gave their fans something to cheer about with a 2-1 win against Sporting Charleroi on Friday evening. Tsjakvetadze scored both the Buffaloes’ goals on (36 and 48 minutes). AA Gent’s new coach, the Dane Jess Thorup, has got off to a fine start, with two wins from his first two games.

The match also saw the return of Renato Neto after an absence of one and a half years.  AA Gent started without Odjidja and Verstraete in midfield and they were missed. The Buffaloes were sloppy, however Charleroi were sloppier.   

Excitement finally came on 35 minutes when the Charleroi keeper Penneteau completely misjudged a Limbombe free-kick. Tsjakvetadze did the honours and it was 1-0 to AA Gent.  However, the home side’s joy was short-lived and the Charleroi keeper Thoelen misjudged a deflected ball from Osimhen and it was 1-1.

Three minutes into the second half Tsjakvetadze put AA Gent 2-1 after a precision cross from Limbombe.  Jaremtsjoek had the chance to put AA Gent 3-1, but it was not to be. Osimhen (photo below in orange) came close to equalising for Charleroi. However, his shot went just wide.

The match ended 2-1 in AA favour. The result sees AA Gent move up to 5th place in the league with 20 points from 12 games. Sporting Charleroi is 8th with 14 points.  

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