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Coalition without the socialists a step closer in Ostend

The liberals and the greens in the West Flemish coastal city of Ostend have drafted a document that should form the basis for negotiations on a new coalition. The Christian democrats and the nationalist have already given the document the thumbs up, meaning that the liberal Bart Tommelein is a step closer to becoming Mayor of Ostend.   

The note sets in stone a number of fundamental policy choices. It has in part drawn its inspiration from Mechelen where the liberals, greens and others have succeeded in transforming the city.

As in Mechelen diversity and the fight against poverty are central policy themes. Community policing will play aan important role in ensuring that the people of Ostend feel safe and plans for a “plastic-free” Ostend are designed to help improve the environment.    

Almost certainly without the socialists

The note makes it clear that aa liberal/socialist/green coalition is no longer the only option. The green now say that they are prepared to enter into the “coalition of renewal” favoured by Mr Tommelein.

From the outset the liberal has favoured a coalition with the greens, the Christian democrats and the nationalists, excluding his rival Johan Vande Lanotte’s socialists. Initially the greens said that they wanted a  coalition with the liberals and the socialist and didn’t want to enter into coalition with the nationalists. However, this no longer seems to be a stumbling block.  

The liberals and the greens say that they still need a couple of weeks to expand and develop the note. 

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