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Tomorrowland ticket distributor’s computer system hacked

The computer system of the company that distributes tickets for the dance music festival Tomorrowland has been hacked. Data on tens of thousands of festival-goers has been stolen from the Paylogic. The data theft concerns the personal data of 64,000 people that attended the festival in 2014. The festival organisers have issued a warning to those affected to be on their guard for bogus e-mails.  

Paylogic suffered a data leak when one of its files was, deliberately or otherwise, downloaded by a third party. The file contains data on those that purchased tickets for the Tomorrowland festival in 2014.  

Tomorrowland is keen to stress that no sensitive information such as pass words, addresses or bank account numbers have been leaked. However, the names, e-mail addresses, the ages and the post codes of those that bought tickets for the festival 4 years ago have been leaked.  

Tomorrowland’s Debby Wilmsen told VRT News that "The Privacy Commission is has been informed and an investigation has been opened”.

The festival organisers has send the 64,000 people affected an e-mail warning them to be wary if they receive e-mails about ticket sales or special offers that haven’t come from official channels such as Tomorrowland or Paylogic. 

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