More than 15,500 people registered as organ donors on election day

15,602 Belgians registered to become organ donors on the day of the municipal and provincial elections two weeks ago. The figures were published on Saturday on the Federal Health Department’s website. Almost 400 town halls across Belgium were open on 14 October to citizens that which to register as organ donors to do so.   

At the end of September 32,199 people registered as organ donors after a call to do so on the Flemish commercial television channel VTM’s programme ‘Make Belgium Great Again’. This brings the total number of new organ donors during the past month to 47,801.

Each year more than 1,000 people in Belgium are on the waiting list for an organ transplant. Officially everyone in Belgium is an organ donor. However, in 12% to 13% of the cases the families refuse to allow their deceased loved one’s organs to be used, the reason being that they don’t know whether they wished their organs to be donated.

By registering with the municipality, candidate donors can avert their loved one’s facing a difficult choice after their death.  

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