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9 fallow deer saved after unlicensed abattoir is closed down

An unlicensed abattoir has been closed down after it was raided by police at Nijlen in Antwerp Province on Saturday. News of the closure appears in Monday’s edition of the daily ‘Gazet van Antwerp’. The owners of the abattoir had none of the releveling licences that would have allowed them to operate legally.

In addition to sheep and poultry, nine fallow deer were confiscated.  It is not clear how the site had been used as an illegal abattoir. What the meat of the animals slaughtered at the abattoir was used for and who its customers were are currently the subject of an investigation by the Judicial authorities.   

The Federal Food Standards Agency (FAVV) is also on the case. The FAVV spokesperson. Liesbeth Van de Voorde of FAVV told journalists that "We would like to stress that a private citizen was involved here and it is highly unlikely that any of the meat ended up on sale in a shop”.

The fallow dear that were confiscated have been taken to the Bird and Mammal Reception Centre at Heusden-Zolder in Limburg. The centre’s Rudi Oyen told journalists that “The animals with remain here until there is a conclusion in the investigation”. 

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