Brussels: two homeless women dead. Hypothermia suspected.

A homeless woman from Schaarbeek was found dead on Monday.  The 41-year-old woman died of hypothermia.  Today the body of a second woman was found in the City of Brussels.  She too is suspected of dying from similar causes.

It was on the Varkensmarkt in the heart of the European capital that the lifeless remains of a women were discovered this morning shortly before 6AM.  Passers-by attempted to resuscitate her and alerted the emergency services.  Investigators believe the victim was homeless and died of hypothermia.  They are trying to establish her identity.  The woman is aged between 50 and 60.

The location where the woman was found has been cordoned off.  A police physician has been asked to establish the exact cause of death.

The City’s Winter Plan that provides help for the homeless only kicks in in a fortnight's time.  Samu Social, the organisation that looks after the homeless in Brussels, says accommodation is still available in its regular outlets.

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