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"A few minutes later we were in hell"

It's exactly a year ago that Fleming Ann-Laure Decadt died in an attack in New York.  Her sister Justine told VRT Radio she still thinks that everything that happened is so strange but is pleased with the support her family received.

Ann-Laure was one of a group of cyclists who were run down on a cycling path along the River Hudson in New York.  Her mum and two sisters, who were there too, were unhurt.  Ann-Laure left two sons aged 3 years and 3 months.

Justine: "I often think of that day.  It was a magnificent autumn day.  Our last moments together were fantastic.  During lunch we said: "It's heaven on earth here!"  A few minutes later we were in hell."

There have been many difficult moments for Justine and her family since then.  The first month, Christmas, today.  Justine: "We will be together, the family.  We get a lot of support from each other.  That's so important."

"Alexander, her husband, is bearing up fantastically.  The two kids give a lot of energy and when I see them playing I can see her too."

"Ann-Laure died as a result of such a cowardly act, but when you feel warmth from all sides, it does a lot!"

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