October had the most spring days since 1921

The month of October was a month with unusual weather conditions. It was particularly mild for a long time, which resulted in a couple of (near) records: last October had the most spring days since 1921, and had two summer days, a feat only beaten by October 2011.

The figures were supplied by the Belgian Met Office today, and apply to the main measuring station in Ukkel. A spring day means that the day's maximum temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit), while a summer day has a maximum temperature of at least 25 Celsius.

On average (data are going back to 1901) a month of October has 2.4 spring days, but the past month had no fewer than 11. Over the past 118 years, only October 1921 did better with 15 spring days. But last October also had 2 summer days, compared to 0.1 on average. Only 2011 had a better report with 3. 

Average temperatures were not exceptional, thanks to an early cold spell in the final days of the month. However, the maximum temperature on 13 and 16 October (25.6 Celsius) set a new milestone. 

Last October was also very sunny and dry: 48.3 millimetres of precipitation in Ukkel, compared to 74.5 mm on average. 

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