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What's new on 1 November?

1 November heralds a couple of changes. We picked out three which could be useful to know: a ban for wheeled cabin bags with Ryanair or Wizzair, a first aid course before learning to drive in Brussels and nuisance fines in stations. 

  • Low-cost carriers Ryanair and Wizzair are banning wheeled suitcases as cabin bags on the plane (even though they meet the standard size), except for those purchasing a priority ticket. In general, wheeled suitcases will have to be checked in (with an extra cost) and will not be allowed on board. The carriers argue that this will save time to get the crowd on and off board. 
  • Those causing problems on trains, in stations and on station parking lots risk an administrative fine from now on. The fines start at 50 euros but can reach up to 500 euros, depending on the offence and on whether the person in question has a past record. Youngsters can receive a fine as from the age of 14, but with a maximum of 175 euros. The tickets will be written out by rail and Securail staff. Until now, rail staff such as ticket inspectors or train conductors could do nothing when a passenger was misbehaving, but this is changing now. 
  • If you want to get your driving license in Brussels, you will have to complete a first aid course first. This medical course has been integrated in the whole process to learn to drive. The first aid course consists of a theoretic part (which you can learn from home) and a practical part of 3 hours. The aim is to learn motorists what to do in case an accident happens, because the first minutes after an accident are often crucial for victims. 

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