Antwerp University awards honorary doctorate to Nobel Prize winner

The University of Antwerp has announced that it is to award an honorary doctorate to Congolese gynaecologist Denis Mukwege. Dr Mukwege was one on the two people that won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. He will come to Antwerp to receive his honorary doctorate on 4 April next year.

The Rector of Antwerp University Herman Van Goethem told journalists that “He is someone that inspires in every way, an example for the whole world”.

63-year-old doctor Mukwege treats and aids the victims of sexual violence, work for which he will be given the Nobel Peace Prize at the end of the year.  

The university had already decided to award him an honorary doctorate several months before it was announced that he had won the Nobel Prize. ”

"Last summer we contacted Dr Mukwege with a view to awarding him an honorary doctorate.

"Him being awarded the Nobel Prize is a glowing confirmation of the choice we made”.

Previously the university awarded honorary doctorates to Diane von Fürstenberg and Jeffrey Sachs.

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