Federal Government split on National Bank nomination

The Flemish liberal Deputy Prime Minister in Belgium’s Federal Government Alexander De Croo (top photo) has put the nomination of the former Flemish Christian Democrat minister Steven Vanackere (bottom photo) to the post of Director of the National Bank on the agenda of the meeting of the Federal Cabinet. Mr De Croo is unhappy that his party and other coalition parties were not informed about the nomination. 

"It bothers me that we knew nothing about it. No efforts at all were made to inform the other parties in the government”.

The current Director Marcia De Wachter and the Gouvernor Jan Smets, both of whom Flemish Christian democrats are leaving the National Bank. Under normal circumstances their positions should have gone to a Flemish Christian democrat and a Flemish nationalist. However, as part of efforts to strive towards good governance, it was decided that just one of the two people leaving the bank should be replaced.        

The Flemish Christian Democrats announced that they were nominating Mr Vanackere for the post of new Director.

However, this would mean that there would be no women on the Management Committee. The current Director Marcia De Wachter finds this unacceptable. Meanwhile, both the Flemish nationalists and the Flemish liberals have said that Mr Vanackere’s nomination comes from the Flemish Christian democrat party and not from the Federal Government.

Mr De Croo has now brought the issue of the nomination to the cabinet table.  

"I find it difficult to believe that in 2018 people still believe that not a single woman should be at the management table of the Nation Bank”.  

However, in 2015 the Flemish liberal themselves nominated a man for a directorship of the bank.  

Mr De Croo says that things have changed since "But three years have passed since then and the discussion has evolved somewhat. You should also see this in its entirety. Recently the Flemish liberals have nominated a lot of women. Fientje Moerman at the Constitutional Court and Annemie Turtelboom a European Court of Auditors.

We should be criticised by anyone”, Mr De Croo concludes.

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