Lover boys forcing more and more teenagers into prostitution

According to a report by the Dutch not for profit organisation Terre des Hommes there has been a big increase in number of teenagers that are being forced into prostitution by so-called “lover boys”. What’s more Dutch pimps are pimping out teenagers from The Netherlands here in Belgium in growing numbers, while the same is true of Belgian teenagers being prostituted out in The Netherlands. 

Terre des Hommes has had talks with the City of Antwerp and the Judicial Authorities to discuss a situation that it says is ever worsening.   

Gideon van Aartsen of Terre des Hommes told VRT News that “This is something that has been going on for years. However, now the pimps have gone on-line”. Unlike previously the lover boys don’t first seduce their victims before pimping them out.  

"They now make sure that they meet the girl as soon as they can and with or without her consent obtain sexually explicit photographs of her. They then threaten to post them online or to send them to their victim’s family”.    

Mr Van Aartsen says that this means that teenagers, many of who under the age of consent, can end up involved in prostitution less than 24 hours after having first been contacted by a lover boy.     

"They find their victims on the internet and everywhere where they can find vulnerable boys and girls. This trade has mushroomed and now crosses borders”.

"Flemish girls and boys are prostituted in the Netherlands and Dutch girls and boys are prostituted in the Netherlands. This makes het even sadder for the children because they become even more deeply isolated”.  

"People traffickers don’t stop at the border."

Meanwhile, Terre des Hommes has held talks with the City of Antwerp and the Antwerp Judicial Authorities. They will keep closers tabs on the Dutch victims that have been forced in to prostitution in Antwerp.  

The Antwerp City Council Civil Servant responsible for prostitution Lieve Huijskens told VRT News that “It is indeed the case that human traffickers don’t stop at borders. This is also a trend that we are seeing with adult victims. Thanks to the talks we have had with Terre des Home we have a short cut through to Watch Nederland which means we are able to obtain information more quickly”.  

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