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Fire engulfs Brussels refuge depot

Residents of the Brussels Capital Region have been asked to keep their windows and doors closed after fire broke out at a refuge depot in Vorst, in the southwest of the city. The fire that has since been brought under control broke out at around 4am at the Renewi refuge depot on the Humaniteitslaan. 

Dozens of fire fighters were deployed to tackle the blaze that started in a pile of old clothes, wood and general junk.    

By 10am the worst of the fire had been extinguished and fire-fighters have been left with the task of separating the various pieces of smouldering material to make it wet and prevent another fire breaking out. This is expected to take the rest of the morning.  

The Fire Service advised all those living in the Brussels-Capital Region and especially those living in Vorst to keep their windows and doors closed. As there is little wind, it could take some time before the smoke and the of smell of burning have dispersed.

The Brussels’ Fire Service Spokesman Walter Derieuw told VRT News that no one was injured in the fire. The cause of the blaze is as yet unknown.  

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