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Temperatures up to 19°C on Tuesday

After the cooler temperatures of recent days, the coming week is set to see warmer weather return with temperatures set to rise to 16°C on Monday. Tuesday will be warmer still with temperatures up as high as 19°C in some areas. 

The Indian summer is set to return with a vengeance and temperatures just shy of 20°C. The coming days will be bright and sunny. Monday will be marked by slight winds, clear skies and temperatures rising to 16°C.

Tuesday will be sunny with high cloud and maximum temperatures of around 19°C. Although this is certainly warm for the time of year it is not a record temperature for November. For example, back in November 1995 temperatures topped 20°C on some days.

 Average maximum temperatures in November are normally 9.5°C.    

The fine dry spell will come to an end on Wednesday and there will be increased cloud and some light rain. In eastern parts it will remain dry until the evening. Temperatures will reach 15°C degrees in central areas. On Thursday the will be some scattered rain, but for the most part it will remain dry with top temperatures of 13°C. 

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