Daughter of Sex Box Host Liekens discovers the price of luxury

Flemish TV viewers are in for a treat when the new series "Bloed, zweet & luxeproblemen" (Blood, Sweat and Luxury Problems" premieres on VRT TV in December.  In this new series Karine Claassen takes six children of Famous Flemings to Sri Lanka and Ghana to see how the luxury goods that we use are actually made. 

We see the youngsters' reactions when they discover the world is less righteous than they thought.  All six youngsters spend time working and living with factory workers and farmers involved in the production of our luxuries.  The Flemish TV viewer discovers how cheap T-shirts are made, how shrimps are cultivated, how little people earn looking for gold and how hard the life of a cocoa farmer really is.  In Flanders luxury has become commonplace and cheap, but what is the real price?

All six youngsters grew up in a bubble.  They all study and never needed to worry about money.  The trip is an eye-opener for most youngsters, who often for a first time see how unfair the world is.  At the same time they are touched by the warmth and spirit of the people they meet.  The six youngsters include the children of sex therapist and Channel 4 star Goedele Liekens (pictured below) and musician Ronny Mosuse.

© VRT Lies Willaert

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