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Farmers demand action against wild boar

The Farmers' Union is pressing for action to tackle the number of wild boar after mounting complaints about damage caused by animals in Limburg and Antwerp. 

Wild boar are held responsible for destroying gardens, causing road accidents and damaging farmers' crops.  But there is more. Wild boar can also carry African swine fever.  The disease won't harm humans, but could decimate pig stocks.

The farmers' Union is seeing the governors of the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg soon.  It will propose the appointment of a wild boar co-ordinator, the mapping out of wild boar populations and their location.  Farmers representatives hope to extend the array of equipment that can be used to hunt wild boar e.g. the use of night vision equipment, heat cameras and silencers.

The farmers' union argues that clear hunting policies are needed in nature areas that should be fenced off to prevent damage to farming areas.  An awareness campaign is also needed to help prevent an outbreak of African swine fever.  Members of the public should be urged not to leave food left overs at motorway carparks.

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