Belgian asylum secretary surprised Trump didn't talk about "strong economic migration"

The Belgian asylum and migration secretary, Flemish nationalist Theo Francken, admits he's been fascinated by US politics since the age of 16.  This year he was in D.C. to witness the Mid-terms.

Mr Francken isn't surprised President Trump lost the House.  “Nearly always the president loses his majority after two years.  In history that only didn't happen twice" notes the well documented secretary of state.

"I try to be in the States for every presidential and Mid Term.  This time round it's a little different.  The Mid-terms have become a national event with President Trump throwing himself into the campaign. He attended up to 3 rallies a day addressing thousands of fans in big stadiums."

Mr Trump made migration a key election issue.  Mr Francken was a little surprised: "It's logical that you talk about migration, but I think it's remarkable that he didn't dwell on his strong economic migration.  The stock markets are doing well and there are far more new jobs, also for vulnerable groups including blacks and Latinos.  The results are as strong as iron."

As for the loss of the House by the Republicans Mr Francken notes that President Obama too had this experience.  The Flemish nationalist points to Republican success in the Senate and holding the governorship of swing state Ohio: "My ideas are closer to those of the Republicans, but you can't compare the situation with Belgium.  In the US there are only two parties.  There are good Democrats and good Republicans.  It really depends on the person!"

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