Laurie Dieffembacq

New York Times: Belgians open homes to migrants

At a time when all eyes here seem to be focused on the US Mid-terms and their fall out, in Wednesday's edition the New York Times carries a report on how Belgians are opening their homes and hearts to migrants. 

The paper shows how migrants trying to find a way to Britain while away their days in the Maximilian Park in Brussels.  It spoke with Roxane Hauzeur, a fashion house designer, who volunteered to help migrants a year ago.  She first brought food to migrants, started providing rides and ended up playing host to up to five people a night in her small apartment.

Roxane is one of the volunteers at the Citizen's Platform for the Support of Refugees.  Many migrants don't want to register in Belgium as they hope to move onward to the UK.  Only if they register do they receive official support.

Roxane Hauzeur: "Our organisation now houses about 650 people a night: 300 in a building that the organisation got permission to use, the rest are housed by volunteers."

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