Lommel wild boars captured alive

A group of wild boar that have been wreaking havoc in the Limburg town of Lommel have been captured alive and well. Initially they were to have been shot by hunter, but then it was decided to enlist the help of the Opglabbeek Nature Centre to try and capture them alive, a task that has now been successfully fulfilled.  

The group of wild board had been a cause concern for some time. They had damaged gardens and disrupted traffic in the centre of Lommel, a town in the north of Limburg Province.

They were to have been shot and hunters had even deployed drones in order to localise them. The Opglabbeek nature centre’s Sil Janssens told VRT Radio 2 that the police and council workers have succeed in fencing in the group of wild boar.  

Catching the wild boar was apparently quite simple. Only the last of the boar to be caught put up resistance as he was afraid and had become aggressive. Mr Janssens added that never before had thinks gone so smoothly when he had been called out to  catch wild boar.

“Clearly these are semi-tame animals that have been released or have escaped”.

It is still unclear where the wild boar came from and where they will eventually be taken to. For the moment they are being kept at the Nature Centre.


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