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"Banks should offer at least one free current account"

The consumers' organisation Test Aankoop is pressing for every bank to offer its clients at least one free current account.  Test Aankoop is responding to the decision of high street bank ING to introduce charges for its Lion account that used to be free of charge. 

Lion account holders making withdrawals from non-ING cashpoints will soon have to pay a fee of 50 cents per withdrawal.  Customers with a joint account will have to pay a 10 euro charge.

Test Aankoop accuses the bank of introducing charges on the sly and says that is unacceptable.  Today only three high street banks offer a free current account: Keytrade KeyPack, DB E-Account and the Argenta Giro account.  Test Aankoop argues that all players should offer at least one free account especially for customers willing to do all operations themselves.  It believes that new players will enter the market if high street banks don't fill this niche.

Test Aankoop advises customers to switch to players that offer free accounts.  It is pressing for account numbers to become transferable just like mobile phone numbers.  At present that isn’t possible.

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