Gust the Pig moves into Ghent nursing home

In Sint-Amandsberg in Ghent a pig has moved into the local nursing home.  Gust the pig is supposed to get residents to take more movement and, as is the case with most pets, offers affection too.

Gust the Pig immediately felt at home at the Heiveld nursing home.  He's very popular and visits some of the residents in their rooms.  The nursing home has plans for a life size care farm that should help residents to experience new feelings and relax.  Gust, who weighs 20 kilos, is the first inhabitant of the care farm.  A member of staff first took him in to train him first and ensure he doesn't pee all over the place.  At Heiveld he has been given his own sty and is also allowed to visit the nursing home building too!

Residents are keen to brush him down, stroke him, play games and take him on walks.  The nursing home insists the pig has also been welcomed by the local area.  He won't be lonely for long.  Gust is soon getting company from a second pig, Fons, and who knows where that will lead!

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