10,000 champagne bottles stolen!

The organisers of the Champagne Weekend in the seaside resort of Middelkerke were in for a nasty surprise last week, when 10,000 bottles destined for this event were stolen en route.  The champagne stocks worth 150,000 euros simply disappeared on their way to the coast.

Each year champagne producers enlist the service of a dedicated lorry to ship the stocks to Middelkerke meaning they don't have to lug cases about.  This year though something went seriously wrong in the chain of subcontractors working for the transport company. A number of malicious individuals seem to have insinuated themselves into the chain.

Imagine the concern of the champagne producers when the lorry with the stocks failed to arrive.  To ensure the Middelkerke Champagne Weekend could go ahead producers set off to fetch fresh supplies.  On the first day of the weekend a number of types of champagnes or cuvees may still be lacking but this will be sorted by Sunday the organisers insist.

The missing supplied later surfaced in Germany, where they were on their way to Romania!

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