Diners surprised by gunman at Elsene restaurant

Diners in the upmarket Brussels borough of Elsene were in for a nasty shock on Saturday night when an armed man brandished a firearm in a restaurant in Elsene.

The incident happened in the Amerikaansestraat around 7:30PM.  A spokeswoman for the public prosecutor's office says it's unclear whether the assailant was targeting staff or the restaurant manager.  After he left the restaurant without firing a shot, he entered a nearby apartment.  Police soon arrived at the scene.  At first the suspect had barricaded himself inside the flat, but after police cordoned off the entire area and had the police special intervention team attend the scene, he gave himself up without any resistance. He has been detained.

Investigators are trying to establish whether the gunman is domiciled at this address.  Police interviewed the assailant in the course of Saturday night but nothing further has been divulged.  Prosecutors are keen to establish the motive of the incident.

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