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Mistake! Steel workers get 30,000 euros extra in their pay check!

Workers at the Thy-Marcinelle (Wallonia) steel plant thought they were in for a nice surprise when they checked their bank account only to discover an increase in wages.  In all the company paid out an extra 30,000 euros to the 230 workers.

Unfortunately the extra cash was the result of a mistake!  Hopes that the little extra was some sort of bonus or share of the profits melted away when the management wrote to all 230 workers asking them to return the cash.  The company explains what went wrong, but the letter came too late for some who had already spent the lolly.  Others saw the cash whisked away as part of debt repayment plans.

If steelworkers fail to return the cash, the company only has one alternative: to try and get the money returned via a court order.  Whether the steel producer will be willing to walk this road still needs to be seen.