Foto: Berry Stokvis/HH

Flemish pigeon fancier is multimillionaire against his will

Gaby Vandenabeele, a pigeon fancier from rural Dentergem (West Flanders),  is not a happy pigeon fancier.  In fact he's a former pigeon fancier, because he's had to sell all his birds from the doctor.

This being said Gaby is now a rich former pigeon fancier.  One Chinese online bidder bought one of Gaby's birds for a cool 376,000 euros and that you may be interested to learn is a record.  Gaby's pigeons flew off the shelves to buyers in China, Taiwan, Mexico, India and Kuwait.  Gaby is now a multimillionaire.

Gaby's health had been going downhill for some time but when he visited a consultant he was in for a rude shock.  The doctor discovered that a third of Gaby's lungs are full of pigeon dust.  That's the cause of his constant cough that has been getting worse and worse.  Gaby is now rich, but selling all his birds was an extremely painful experience.  We hope his health now picks up and he is able to enjoy life without pigeons to the full.

(The photograph comes from our archives and doesn't depict any of Gaby's birds.  They have now all flown.)

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