It's another rush hour from hell!

It's been the umpteenth rush hour from hell on the roads this Monday morning.  A spate of accidents occurred across the motorway network as drivers were surprised by treacherous conditions due to the rain.  In Aalter (East Flanders) an accident closed the entire Ostend Brussels motorway for drivers heading inland, while in Antwerp too motorists struggled.

It's a recipe for misery: loads of rain, wind and Monday morning traffic.  By 8AM Flemish motorists were facing 350 km of tailbacks.  The rush hour was difficult, but severe congestion isn't exceptional during the autumn in this country.  Drivers aren't used to conditions like these after a long, dry summer.

A concrete mixer truck was involved in an accident on the A12 in Antwerp.  It went on its side after exiting the Bevrijdingstunnel while heading in the direction of Brussels.  The tunnel had to be closed to allow tow-away services to do their job.  This is bad news for people driving in southern Antwerp.

In Aalter a car with a trailer went on its side closing three lanes of the Ostend Brussels motorway.  Drivers were forced onto the hard shoulder triggering biblical congestion.

The E313 and the Kortrijk-Ghent-Antwerp motorway too were the scene of road accidents this Monday morning.

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