Magistrate removed from match-fixing investigation

Examining magistrate Joris Raskin has been taken off the case investigating money-laundering and match-fixing in Belgian football.  The Antwerp appeal court ruled that the fact that Raskin was a member of the football licensing commission when the investigation started meant there was a danger the investigation wasn't impartial.

It was one of those detained in the course of the investigation, referee Bart Vertenten, who got his lawyer to argue a fair investigation was in jeopardy.  Vertenten's lawyer argued that it was inadmissible that an investigating magistrate, who served for Vertenten's employer, could decide over his fate.

The public prosecutor claimed that the attempt to remove the magistrate from the case was inadmissible adding that the licensing commission has nothing to do with referees. The appeal court however ruled in Vertenten's favour. A second magistrate has been on the case since questions were raised and he will now pursue the investigation. 

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