Murder trial for Francophone Flemish lawmaker

The murder trial of Flemish lawmaker Christian Van Eyken and his wife started today and was immediately postponed.  Mr Van Eyken, the only Francophone elected to the Flemish Parliament, and his wife stand accused of murdering the husband of Mr Van Eyken's current wife.

It was in 2014 that the body of the then husband of Mr Van Eyken's wife was discovered.  The man had been killed and shot through the head.  At the time Mr Van Eyken's wife worked as the MFP’s assistant.  The couple were in the process of getting a divorce.  During the investigation into the slaying it emerged that the dead man's wife was having an affair with her boss.

CCTV footage later implicated Mr Van Eyken in the murder too.  The MFP and his assistant were seen leaving the dead man's flat during the night of the killing.  Mr Van Eyken was arrested, but had to be freed the following day as the Belgian examining magistrate failed to sign the arrest warrant.

Mr and Mrs Van Eyken have now been charged with sabotaging evidence - the DVD showing them leaving the flat.  Fortunately a copy exists, but the police will have to investigate the matter.  The judge ruled that the case had already dragged on for far too long and would not await the outcome of this investigation and start in...June.

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