Baby in critical condition after father crosses the line once again

A father with a past record of heavy domestic violence has brutally thrown his baby daughter on the floor; the infant is in a life-threatening condition. Eight years ago, he had beaten his little son to death. 

The drama took place on Saturday night. The 35-year-old father was keeping an eye on his baby daughter of just 3 months old. The child started crying during the night. When she didn't stop, the man threw her on the floor. The mother arrived home soon after and immediately called an ambulance. The girl sustained a brain fracture and is fighting for her life. The man turned himself in at a police station in Molenbeek.

In 2008, the man had beaten his little boy of 6 months to death when the child didn't stop crying during his computer game. A couple of months before, he had been arrested after beating his partner and the baby, but he was released under conditions. The man was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in jail, but he was released earlier this year.

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