Bpost: strike action may resume despite promises

The management has made concessions to trades unions at the national post company Bpost, but will this be enough? Two of the three unions will not defend the deal towards the workers.

Staff has returned to work this morning after a preliminary deal had been struck, but may down tools again later this week. Today, more details are emerging from the deal. The socialist union ACOD said that the management promised to hire 100 workers extra on a permanent basis, to ease work pressure. On top of that, 900 extra workers have been promised on a temporary basis to help cope with the busy period at the end of the year. 

This afternoon, the socialist and liberal trades union announced they would not defend the accord towards their members.  "We will just inform them", says Jean-Pierre Nyns of the ACOD. "For each issue that we explain, we get 10 questions back, and I understand the people", he added. "The problems have been going on for too long."

There are two options now: new negotiations, or downing tools again. One thing is for sure: the issue has not been settled yet, as the management had hoped. "What we have on the table, is not enough", explains Nyns. "I think it is necessary to get back around the table."

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