"King Albert wanted to send Delphine Boël a secret letter to settle paternity case"

King Albert II of the Belgians wanted to reach an amicable settlement with Delphine Boël in 2013, to avoid a paternity court case. In a letter to be opened only after this death, he allegedly acknowledged that he was her father after all. That's according to Francophone media today. 

Last week, a judge ordered King Albert to provide a DNA sample, as Ms Boël is claiming she is his natural daughter. She had taken the matter to court, since Albert has never wanted to admit this so far. In this respect, the existence of the above-named letter would be big news. 

According to Le Soir and Sudpresse, Albert made the proposal in 2013, a couple of weeks before Ms Boël took the matter to court. They write that the amicable settlement was inside a sealed envelope; Albert admitted Delphine was his natural daughter, but the letter was only to be opened after his death. The letter would merely have served as recognition of her identity, without the further judicial consequences.

However, Delphine Boël refused the proposal, arguing that it was too vague and without any guarantee for the future, her laywer Marc Uyttendaele confirmed to VRT NWS . "It would not have solved anything", Uyttendaele adds. 

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