PCB contaminated eggs recalled

Belgium's Federal Food Agency has had to recall eggs produced by organic hens after they were found to be contaminated by PCBs.  It ordered the producer not to deliver any more of the contaminated supplies.

At issue are eggs bearing the 0BE3133 code.  The contamination was discovered in the course of routine testing.  Any consumers who may have already bought any of these supplies should not eat them and return them to the shop.  The eggs were supplied to several Belgian retail outlets.  Tests carried out on 12 November show the PCB norm has been exceeded.  An investigation is underway to try to establish how the contamination occurred at the company.

Shops that purchased the contaminated eggs have been alerted and the eggs are being removed from the shelves.  PCBs are persistent organic pollutants that are present in the environment and are harmful for people.  The agency monitors the risk of PCB contamination in the food chain.  Last year 1,519 samples were taken.  In 99.5% of cases everything was fine.

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