"No De Lijn buses at the North Station if nuisance from migrants continues"

The Flemish transport Ben Weyts has threatened to stop De Lijn buses from stopping at the Brussels North Station if migrants continue to cause a nuisance at this locality.  Mr Weyts says that staff of the Flemish local transport company and passengers have all been complaining about the situation.

Mr Weyts says that the situation at the North Station is untenable: "There are hygiene problems, security problems.  The situation isn't safe for drivers or for passengers."

De Lijn operates 8 platforms at the station.  These could stay empty if more police officers are not deployed soon.  Mr Weyts is keen to see the construction of a new bus terminal in the vicinity of the North Station on the Rogierplein!

"Flanders is prepared to invest two million euros for this project.  We've applied for planning permission for the terminals, but neither the Brussels mobility minister, Pascal Smet, or Brussels Prime Minister Vervoort have responded!"

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