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Refunds for dentures instead of homeopathy

Starting next year the Christian health insurance fund CM will no longer reimburse health costs for homeopathic medicines.  Homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine.

The effectiveness of homeopathic medicines that often use plant extracts hasn't been proved.  This however isn't the reason why the CM is halting refunds.  CM director Steven Hermans: "In the past we ourselves didn't rate the value of homeopathic therapies.  The repayment of homeopathic medicines is an advantage that we offered for a while because they were prescribed by recognised doctors.”

The refunding is now being stopped: "We have reviewed the whole package of repayments following research among our members.  They feel it's more important to get a refund for dentures than for homeopathy."

Mr Hermans also notes that the new package of repayments was chosen with a view to having the best effect on health: "We're banking on psychotherapy too, we'll ensure people can stay at home for longer, there will be repayments for eye care and speech therapy and our members can also do sleep therapy!"  

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