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"Shamelessly filling your boot with sculptures is not on"

Today is the day that sculpted heads laid out in Zillebeke outside Ieper as part of the commemoration of the Great War start to be handed out.  In all 600,000 heads were included in this visual art project Coming World Remember Me, each symbolising a soldier who perished.  However, there are reports that some of these sculptures are already being flogged online!

The West Flemish provincial authorities intend to investigate the matter and clamp down hard on people making a quick buck from this commemorative project.

Coming World Remember Me is a project of Koen Vanmechelen at the De Palingbeek provincial estate. Commemorations of the centenary of the Great War are now at an end. All 600,000 heads were supposed to stay in place until today when they would start to be handed out free of charge, but as some sculptures are already being offered on online auction sites there is a suspicion that some individuals took away a number of heads.

"It's a disgrace" says Myriam Vanlerberghe of the provincial executive. "People collecting a sculpture have to agree with the conditions.  The heads may not be sold, not even for charity!  We will take action in the courts against people selling the sculptures!"

On Wednesday it was already clear that people were collecting handfuls of sculptures.

Myriam Vanlerberghe: "We are banking on people's respect and common sense!  You can take along a sculpture for a relative, but shamelessly filling your boot with sculptures is not on."

Sculptures can be collected until 20 December.

Foto Kurt

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